George Floyd’s family wants Action to be taken against the Minneapolis police agents who killed him

George Floyd's family wants Action to be taken against the Minneapolis police agents who killed George Floyd

George Floyd was a relocate from Houston who came to Minneapolis for a new start. He was an African American man and died after a Minneapolis police officer quit him by bringing his left knee on his neck. The family of George Floyd who died in Minneapolis police supervision is calling for action against the officers after they watched a video in which George Floyd begged for help.

George Floyd died while in police supervision on Monday night. The world observed his last moments awake but those people who knew George Floyd best said they can’t trust how the man they used to call a gentle giant is dead now. In the video, Floyd was captured screaming in pain at the foot of a squad car where a team of police agents enclosed the scene,

Minneapolis Mayor Jacob Frey declared on Tuesday that four agents included in the murder of George Floyd. The Minneapolis Police association expressed a statement early Tuesday morning saying that Floyd withstands officers and then “tried to be suffering medical worry. He was the guy everybody loves, he was friendly to everybody. No matter, whether you were Hispanic, you were black, you were white, he used to treat everybody with the same respect and care and that’s what people love about him.

Floyd was heard continually requesting that I can’t breathe, but nobody helped him. There is a video of the deadly encounter, in which an eyewitness can be heard requesting the officer to remove his knee and telling him that Floyd can’t breathe. The video can be proof of George Floyd’s murder. The Floyd family’s lawyer, Ben Crump, told TMX. The news he believes the agent shown in the video with his knee on Floyd’s neck must have charged with a murder case.

According to the person who watches George Floyd’s murder, George was saying my stomach hurts. My neck hurts. Everything hurts. I need some water. Please, Floyd’s encounter has become one more example of how police harshly treat the people.