11 Killed in a Bar Shooting in Mexico’s Most Violent State


Guanajuato, the most violent state in Mexico, is again making headlines, with 11 people being shot in a bar. The victims included four women. As per the reports, the bullet-ridden bodies were spotted near the town of Jaral del Progreso, at a bar. This area is near the border of Michoacán, from where the Jalisco cartel wants to move into Guanajuato.

The four women killed are assumed to be the dancers at the bar. Though there is no clarity on the motive behind the killing, it bore the signals of a drug gang killing. While the murders in the state had dropped from 403 in July to 399 in August, after the detention of the local gang leader there, there seems to be rebounding in the month of September, as the members of the gang would want to fill the vacuum created after their leader’s death.

The leader, famously known as El Marro, had long fought a bloody battle with the Jalisco Cartel and was responsible for the bloodshed in the industrial and farming state.