2021 MLB Home Run derby live tracker: Updates, results from slugfest at Coors Field

Alonso, the Mets first baseman who last won the Home Run Derby two years ago, will be back to defend his crown after winning it in 2017.

During the first round of play, the championship was decided by two tiebreaker swing-offs between the Royals’ Shohei Ohtani and the Nationals’ Juan Soto. He will pitch in the AL’s starting lineup and bat leadoff in the Midsummer Classic just 24 hours after his appearance in the derby. 

The victory over Perez set up Soto’s semifinal matchup against Alonso, who set the first-round record with 35 home runs.

Home Run Derby final round

Pete Alonso (Mets) vs. Trey Mancini (Orioles)


Pete Alonso (Mets) defeats Juan Soto (Nationals)

  • Soto β€” 15 HR β€” longest 481 feet: Soto pushed Alonso by adding four in his bonus minute.
  • With 1:03 left, Alonso took a timeout to get the crowd going after falling behind by one. He then homered on the next two pitches to walk it off.

Trey Mancini (Orioles) defeats Trevor Story (Rockies)

  • Story – 12 HR  – longest 477 feet: The subject of trade rumors, Story couldn’t really get into a groove in front of his home fans.
  • Mancini – 13 HR – longest 475 feet: Walked it off with 23 seconds left on the clock and advances to the final, where he will meet Pete Alonso or Juan Soto.

First round results

 No. 8 Juan Soto (Nationals) defeats No. 1 Shohei Ohtani (Angels)

  • Soto β€” 22 HR β€” longest 520 feet: Soto used the entire field, spraying homers to left and center including a 520-foot shot to right that goes as the longest of the night so far.
  • Ohtani – 22 HR – longest 513 feet: The Angels star rallied late to tie Soto, destroying balls into right field.
  • TIEBREAKER, 28-28: Both hit six homers in the additional minute, but Ohtani was unable to break the tie with several attempts.
  • SWING-OFF: Soto homered on all three swings, putting the pressure on Ohtani who failed to homer on his first attempt.

No. 5 Pete Alonso (Mets) defeats No. 4 Salvador Perez (Royals)

  • Alonso β€” 35 HR β€” longest 513 feet: The defending champion was feeling it, destroying balls into left field and a few to center.
  • Perez β€” 28 HR β€” longest 491 feet: A fantastic round for the Kansas City backstop that probably would have won against anybody else.

No. 2 Joey Gallo (Rangers) vs. No. 7 Trevor Story (Rockies)

  • Story β€” 20 HR β€” longest 518 feet: The hometown favorite had the fans on their feet and hit some monster homers in the ballpark he calls home.
  • Gallo β€” 19 HR β€” longest 494 feet: One of the favorites coming in, Gallo just couldn’t get it going in regulation but made a run in his extra minute, homering on a pitch just after the buzzer that would have tied it.

No. 6 Trey Mancini (Orioles) defeats No. 3 Matt Olson (Athletics) 

  • Mancini  β€”  24 HR β€” longest 496 feet: Mancini caught fire after taking a break halfway through regular time and earned himself an additional minute. Quite a round for the cancer survivor.
  • Olson β€” 23 HR β€” longest 495 feet: Olson struggled out of the gate but didn’t waste swings and had the chance to tie Mancini at the buzzer but hooked it just foul down the right field line.

Fan flips over railing trying to catch home run

Matt Olson launched a baseball deep to right field for a home run while at bat during Monday’s game against the Houston Astros.

It was a lucky day for one fan who went up for the ball. As he tried to catch the ball, he ended up climbing up the porch railing and falling to the ground.

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