6.5 Magnitude Earthquake Hit Near Tonopah, Nevada

6.5 Magnitude Earthquake hit Nevada

Early morning of 15th May 2020, Tonopah hit by a 6.5 magnitude Earthquake. Tremors from the earthquake left the place shaken. After a short while two tremors measuring 5.4 in magnitude also being felt according to the US Geological Survey.

No Serious Damage was Reported

Amid the tremors, the state administration has closed the main highway that connects Lasvegas and Reno. This was done to check any damage because of the earthquake to the Highway. Hannah DeGoey Working on the Highway confirmed the crack on the highway because of the Earthquake.

The Earthquake was felt from east city Utah to the southwest corner of San Diego. With no major loss, many felt shaking and dropping of the groceries from the shelves of the stores. Many took the twitter to share the news.

Earthquake History of Nevada

In 1954, Nevada was hit by a 7.1 magnitude earthquake. Since then this was a second-highest earthquake that has hit Nevada according to the Nevada Seismological Lab.