7 Interesting Things to Know About FAU-G

FAU-G is a made-in-India mobile game, developed by nCore Games. Here’s a list of all the details about the game. 

Name and Etymology

FAU-G which is pronounced as fauji is a short form for Fearless and United-Guards. It is a notable wordplay from the developers.

No comparison to PUBG mobile

Soon after the ban was announced on PUBG mobile in India, back in September, there was an announcement made on FAU-G. But it is said that the game doesn’t belong to the same genre as it will be a single-player game, unlike PUBG.

It has no relation to Battle Royales

It is not a multiplayer battle royale game, in which the players are seen fighting against each other and become the sole survivor. It, on the contrary, is a single-player game that will show linear missions and episodes which slowly progresses through the story.

Combat mechanics

The teaser and trailer of the game have focused more on soldiers who are seen using close combat skills along with other assaulted action, which mainly indicates an emphasis on melee action.

The first episode 

As per the trailer, the very first episode of the game will show the Galwan Valley set up. The same was also confirmed by the founder of the show, Vishal Gondal in a TV interview.

The Akshay Kumar connection

The Bollywood actor was seen in close links related to the promotion of the game. He has taken to his Twitter handle to promote the game and has informed that 20% of the net revenues which are earned through the game would be donated to ‘Bharat Ke Veer’ trust.

About the developers

nCore games, which was founded in 2018 is not very well known. But it is backed by Vishal Gondal, one who is believed to be one of the first gaming entrepreneurs from India.

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