A 14-year-old girl got raped in India’s largest quarantine center

A 14-year-old girl got raped in India’s largest quarantine center

According to reports, the girl was raped by a coronavirus patient while her friend was on guard in India’s largest quarantine center, both were not recognized by each other. The rape took place the corner in an isolation area at the center and a 20-year-old man, a friend of the 19-year-old rapper support in the crime. The little girl was allegedly attacked and sexually assaulted in a bathroom at the largest quarantine center in India. 

Senior Police Official, Parvinder Singh, told The Indian Express: “The accused have been arrested and sent to judicial custody but will remain in institutional care until they recover from the infection.” The little girl also added in a statement alleged teenage victim said she was raped by a patient in a bathroom in India’s largest quarantine center in Delhi, while his friend watched out and filmed the sex attack.

The hospital system said to the child’s mother that her daughter wants to be shifted to an isolation area as she has grown syndrome of Covid-19. And after the mother went home she got raped. The alleged victim and the two men had tested positive for the virus and were staying at the 10,000-bed facility in Delhi when the sexual attack allegedly took place.

Parvinder also said the girl was transferred to another hospital while the two men were taken to a different location where they remained in detention. The latest data suggests India is the third most affected country by the coronavirus in the world. The asserted occurrence has been recorded as a case below the care of Children from Sexual Offenses (POCSO) act.

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