A combination of a new drug on trial for treating COVID 19 by Einstein and Montefiore Health System

A combination of a new drug on trial for treating COVID 19 by Einstein and Montefiore

Albert Einstein College of Medicine and Montefiore Health System has started with a further stage of experimenting with ACTT (Adaptive COVID-19 Treatment Trial). The evaluation for treatment is done with people having a severe infection of COVID 19.  The new test of a trial is being sponsored by NIAID (National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases), the part of National Institutes of Health. This new test is known by the name of ACTT 2.

Montefiore had been the first location in New York to connect with a multicentral trail which has been evaluated as remdesivir. This drug is considered to be antiviral and being given intravenously. Previously results had shown that patients who are given this drug can recover in around 11 days on average. While patients who belong to the placebo group able to recover in around 15 days.

As remdesivir’s had shown positive results, so its trial has now been studied in combination with placebo or baricitinib in a double-blind. Baricitinib is being used earlier for reducing inflammation that happens during rheumatoid arthritis. So, the researchers wanted to know when remdesivir is combined with baricitinib can it reduce or prevent the “cytokine storm” which is hyperinflammatory. This is very bad for the lungs and other body parts for the people having COVID 19. During this time their immunity system is fighting against coronavirus infection.

Combination of Remdesivir with Baricitinib Could be a treatment for COVI-19

As per the clinical director and professor of medicine at Einstein, Barry Zingman, M.D. said that the response of immune to coronavirus in some people could be more disastrous than any infection as there is no treatment yet. So, combining Remdesivir with Baricitinib can lead to a better treatment option. 

Patients who are enrolled for ACTT2 are already hospitalized and having problems with lungs, like rattling sounds while they breathe, on oxygen supplement, the chest is abnormal, pneumonia is shown in X rays or mechanical ventilator. These patients will be given intravenously Remdesivir for around 10 days. Around half is given Baricitinib through the mouth and another half placebo, for 14 days.