A great personal loss for Amber Heard- She is devastated and heartbroken

Amber Heard

A whole of the world is going through a lot of stress and losing loved ones at this time is more stressful. This is what actually happens with Amber Heard and she is facing right now. She lost her mother recently, Paige Heard. On social media, the actress announces this news while giving tribute to her mother on it.

At the post on Instagram, she gave a message that she is devastated as well as heartbroken with her death. The loss of her mother, at just the age of 63 years, with no specific reason that what had led to this. Both the sisters Amber as well as Whitney are in grieve due to the loss of their mother and trying to deal with their loss.


Though Amber Heard, actress of Aquaman is going through a great personal loss, she is trying to remind the love concept. She is trying to show optimism for comforting and to make things pass by.

Amber Heard also facing Legal Battle against Ex-Husband

This is, of course, a great loss by the Amber Heard as already a lot of troublesome is going into her life when she is facing a legal battle against her ex-husband, Jhonny Depp. The battle in the court is still going and that is where she needs the support of mother the most. These two actors are involved in the long withstanding battle of the court where both of them are alleging each other for the mistreatment. Her present ordeal is good enough in the profile that it has caused the interference and led to a trajectory with her career.

It doesn’t matter, how the things will fall but losing one parent is not easy to bear. The love from fans as well as celebrities makes her considerable when she needs it most. When these events occur then one realizes that even during bad times people can support the right one.