A Hilarious Forgotten Ryan Reynolds Movie hits Netflix Next Month

image source: wegotthiscovered

Netflix has announced its full line up of shows and films for the month of September. It has something for everyone with a collection of bonafide classics, beloved hit films, and a ton of originals. Among all the hit ones, is a forgotten comedy movie of 2005 ‘Waiting’ starring Ryan Reynolds.

It is a movie that flew under the radar at the time of its release. But the movie is much better than what you would think of it. It is available for streaming on Netflix. Though the movie was not a blockbuster, it made a decent collection of $18.6 million out of an investment of $3 million. It has become a cult classic with the IMDB’s rating of 6.8. 

Also, the fans of the actor are sure to swear by this movie, who found him funny, witty, and entertaining. And it’s a pre-A-list Star Reynolds, as this movie comes from a time where he was not a bog name in the industry, who gave us hits after hits.

Written by Stephen D