A lesion on the first lady Jill Biden will be removed due to skin cancer: Details

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On January 11, Jill Biden will undergo surgery to remove a skin lesion discovered on her face during a regular inspection.

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Jill Biden will undergo surgery next week to remove a “small lesion,” according to her office. The lesion on her face was detected during a regular examination, and the operation will take place on January 11 at the Walter Reed military hospital near Washington, according to White House physician Kevin O’Connor.

“During a routine skin cancer examination, a minor lesion was discovered above the right eye of the First Lady. The specialists have recommended that it be removed out of an abundance of caution,” her office was notified.

During the operation, tissues will be extracted and analysed, the doctor explained. Mohs surgery is a procedure in which small layers of skin are removed to search for indicators of skin cancer or other variants. During the operation, the healthy tissues remain intact.

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The doctor stated that the tissues will be removed and then studied.

Jill Biden, age 71, is the oldest first lady in United States history, while her husband Joe Biden, age 80, is also the oldest president. Cancer is a personal cause for Joe Biden, who has declared reducing the death rate from the disease a “presidential priority.” Beau Biden passed away in 2015 from brain cancer.

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