A New Report Reveals More than 3 Billion People Play Video Games

Nowadays video games are a pretty good business with the video gaming industry becoming the most popular source of entertainment. The popularity of the games has surpassed films, music, and TV shows. And the most interesting part is that where other businesses have seen a downfall, some to the extent of being forced to shut down, the gaming-related sales have continued to grow in the pandemic.

With situations of getting stuck at home, as a preventive measure to avoid the spread of COVID-19, the industry has many people have added to the list, raising the number to a massive 3 billion. The major player in the industry has been mobile gaming. 

Image Source: Wegotthiscovered

Especially in Asia, the market for mobile gaming has grown very big. And the study of DFC takes into account only the paid members for the video games. It means that people who are playing for free are not counted, and this in turn means that the quoted 3 billion estimates might be even higher.

But how long would gaming continue to rule the entertainment platform is a question mark, as the interests of the customers keep varying with time and situation.

Written by Stephen D