A Twitter tiff between the Rock musician, Axl Rose and Treasury Secretary, Steven Mnuchin.

Twitter tiff between Axl Rose and Treasury Secretary

On Twitter during Wednesday evening, Steven Munchin the Treasury Secretary had given the challenge to hard rock musician Axl Rose who is also Guns N’ Roses member. In this the Treasury Secretary who is looking after the issuance of debt with the fiscal maintenance of the country United States had jested to Axl Rose, what has he done for the country.

The tweet by Axl Rose that initiate this soft tussel is as follows-

Earlier, the musician categorized Steven Mnuchin as an a__hole officially. Mnuchin is one of the chief economic advisors for President Donald Trump who had given the tweet in the response of this.

To the response to Axl Rose, Mnuchin startes his own line of tweets-

In his tweet Mnuchin asked Axl about what he is doing for the country in this difficult time?

Like every fight, fighters have their own fan army. Mnuchin whose defenders are defending him, on the other side there is famarmy of Axl Rose for his support.

Why this Twitter Tiff is different from normal exchange of Tweets?

Apart from the laugh coming out of this tiff, the situation is depicting the tension in the country. There is no surprise if we see tweet tiff between a political leader and a celebrity. What surprised the most was that within two hours of the tweet of Axl Rose, Treasury Secretary Replied.

When the nation is facing a pandemic, people are losing their jobs, and survival is becoming difficult, the Treasury Secretary replied to a tweet. He would be busy handling the depression in the economy and try to stabilize the economy.