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Actor Hagen Mills had shot his girlfriend and killed himself in an attempt of murder-suicide


As per the statement of Nathan Kent, Mayfield Police department chief that in the Mayfield, Kentucky actor Hagen Mills died in 29 years after shooting the mother of his child, Erica Price who is 34 years. He shot her in the chest and arm after that turned the gun towards himself. On Tuesday he shot himself and his wife. In the FX series, Basket, he had done his appearances.

Around 6 pm, police officers received a call that at a resident, women have been shot dead. When they reach the resident, they found Price to be outside their home with the wounds of a gunshot on her arms and chest. She had told the police that Mills shot himself and her. His body is still lying inside their home.

As per the officers, Mills was holding their young daughter with the Price and her mother has been hostage till Price did not get into a home. When Price entered, Mills shot her. Police had found Mills inside their place and found him dead over there. For treatment, Price was taken to the hospital and now she is in stable condition.

Their young daughter and mother of Price both are not injured physically in this incident. In different projects he was working and lucky enough as he was there Baskets. As per sources, he had done a recent horror film by name of Star Light which is going to be released on August 4.  


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