Addison Rae is being accused of “BLACKFISHING”

Famous American dancer and Tik Toker, Addison Rae, recently came into the highlight. She is being accused of Blackfishing on Twitter. Despite having a huge fan following of 49.1 million on Tik Tok, people are accusing her after she posted a video of herself on Snapchat. In the video, her face is looking much darker than usual. Rae first joined Tik Tok in July 2019. “I got into Tik Tok because my friends from school and dance were obsessed with it. 

Everyone knows that her natural skin tone is fair, but in the video, she was pretending it to be dark. And due to this, people started posting the video and captioning it as Blackfishing. For those, who do not know what the term means, Blackfishing is when someone pretends to be black or mixed race. Many people posted a comparison collage of her previous photos and recent look. After these allegations, she has not uploaded anything on her social media accounts, neither has she responded to any comment.

People are eagerly waiting for her to come and, tell everyone what was this all about. Rae has more than 22 million followers on Instagram and nearly 50 million followers on TikTok. Rae said she liked to interact with her fans and consistently post across her various social media platforms. Rae is best known for her fun dance moves, lipsyncing videos, and signature “pouty face.”

Her last Tik Tok video was posted on June 28 and has since garnered more than 56 million views. Rae even created a Tik Tok with Kourtney Kardashians’ son, Mason Disick, but her dream collaboration would be with Kylie Jenner.

It has generated more than 500,000 comments, where fans are curious about what happened to Rae. She was also accused of “blackfishing” after she appeared to use makeup that was too dark. Addison has not shared a single video on Tik Tok since 29th June. She did not post anything to her Instagram account after getting trolled for her darker shade. Blackfishing is widely considered cultural appropriation and a type of blackface.