Alexa Delete Everything I’ve said: Amazon makes Privacy on Echo Easier


Amazon’s Alexa is taking all steps to make privacy easy for its users. It has introduced options to delete the voice recordings and also provides customized privacy settings. It is entirely up to the users’ discretion whether they want to save their voice recordings for further references.

The company is taking such steps to ensure transparency and control in the customers’ hands over all its products, especially the Echo smart speakers, displays, and the voice assistant Alexa. It has improvised the privacy controls for Alexa, where the user can quickly learn how to manage their privacy and also control it.

As per the new additional feature, if the user chooses not to save the voice recordings, they automatically get deleted once the request is processed. The users can review the transcripts of Alexa requests for 30 days, after which the company will automatically start deleting them. 

All the settings can be done either online or in the Alexa app. But by choosing the option of saving recordings, the users can have access to more personalized features, since Alexa will be able to understand the request in a better way.