All Battle Pass rewards for Pokemon Unite: Season 2

All Battle Pass rewards for Pokemon Unite: Season 2

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Fledgling MOBA Pokemon Unite entered its 2d season to coincide with its cell free up. Like most free-to-play games, Pokemon Unite provides a seasonal Fight Pass with every free and top class rewards.

The Top charge version of the Fight Pass is on hand in two tiers: the same outdated Top charge Pass for 490 Aeos gemstones and the Top charge Pass Plus for 840 Aeos gemstones. While the Top charge Pass Plus tier doesn’t offer its maintain uncommon rewards, your Fight Pass will robotically birth at diploma 10.

Unpleasant Reward Free or Top charge?
1 Space Kind: Lucario Top charge
2 150 Aeos tickets Free
3 Kilt Space: Socks Top charge
4 150 Aeos tickets Free
5 Kilt Space: Sneakers Top charge
6 150 Aeos tickets Free
7 Merchandise Enhancer x30 Top charge
8 150 Aeos tickets Free
9 Kilt Space: Innerwear Top charge
10 Kilt Space: Outerwear Top charge
11 Canvas Sneakers (Indigo) Free
12 300 Aeos tickets Top charge
13 Merchandise Enhancer x15 Free
14 Diamond Sample Pants (Green) Top charge
15 Merchandise Enhancer x15 Free
16 Aeos tickets x300 Top charge
17 Merchandise Enhancer x15 Free
18 Capri Pants (Black) Top charge
19 150 Aeos tickets Free
20 Kilt Space: Bottoms Top charge
21 Three-Quarter-Sleeve Shirt (Blue) Free
22 300 Aeos tickets Top charge
23 Merchandise Enhancer x15 Free
24 Straightforward Space: Socks Top charge
25 150 Aeos tickets Free
26 Merchandise Enhancer x30 Top charge
27 150 Aeos tickets Free
28 Straightforward Space: Headwear Top charge
29 Merchandise Enhancer x15 Free
30 Straightforward Space: Innerwear Top charge
31 Cropped Pants (Beige) Free
32 300 Aeos tickets Top charge
33 Merchandise Enhancer x15 Free
34 Straightforward Space: Bottoms Top charge
35 Merchandise Enhancer x15 Free
36 300 Aeos tickets Top charge
37 150 Aeos tickets Free
38 Straightforward Space: Sneakers Top charge
39 Merchandise Enhancer x15 Free
40 Straightforward Space: Outerwear Top charge
41 150 Aeos Tickets Free
42 Merchandise Enhancer x30 Top charge
43 150 Aeos Tickets Free
44 Striped Long-Sleeve Shirt (Grey) Top charge
45 Merchandise Enhancer x15 Top charge
46 300 Aeos Tickets Top charge
47 Merchandise Enhancer x15 Free
48 Create Long-Sleeve Shirt (Crimson) Top charge
49 150 Aeos Tickets Free
50 Space Space: Tops and Bottoms Top charge
51 Merchandise Enhancer x15 Free
52 300 Aeos tickets Top charge
53 Merchandise Enhancer x15 Free
54 Pokemon Face Hat (Venusaur) Top charge
55 Merchandise Enhancer x15 Free
56 300 Aeos tickets Top charge
57 Merchandise Enhancer x15 Free
58 200 Aeos tickets Top charge
59 Merchandise Enhancer x15 Free
60 Space Kind: Gengar Top charge

As soon as the Fight Pass has reached its maximum diploma, gamers construct a free Fight Pass Prize Field for every 130 Fight Pass Facets obtained. As a lot as 21 Prize Containers will even be saved with out claiming them.