All you want to know about Maharashtra Day

Maharashtra Day

We commonly know 1st May as International Labor day but very few people know that on 1st May 1960, Bombay State bifurcated into two different language speaking states- Maharashtra and Gujarat. So 1st May also celebrated as Maharashtra Day and Gujarat Day.

PM Narendra Modi took his twitter handle to wish everyone Maharashtra Day.

Let’s know about the little history behind it.

History Behind Maharashtra Day

Before 1st May,1960, the whole state is known as Bombay state. Bombay was home more different language speaking people- Marathi, Gujarati, Konkani and Kutchi. But the day came when Sanyukta Maharashta Samiti demanded the separation of teh state on the basis on Language.

Primarily it was suggested to make two states- one including people who speak Marathi and Konkani and the second state with people speaking Gujarati and Kutchi. But in response to that MahaGujarat Movement also caught fire. Their demand is to have separate state for Gujarati speaking people.

At last on 1st May 1960, Bombay Reorganisation Act passed and the Bombay state separated into Maharashtra and Gujarat.

How Maharashtra Day is Celebrated?

Governor of the state with other official host the celebration at Shivajo Park Mumbai. The celebration includes parade and cultural dances and other traditional events. This year whole world is facing Coronavirus pandemic. India is under lockdown untill 3rd May and won’t be celebrating this dau this year.

Facts about Maharashtra

Mumbai- Mumbai is the financial capital of India. It is the home for the Bollywod-Entertainment industry of India.

Pune- Pune is IT capital which is the home for various IT sector companies.

Navi Mumbai– Is the one of the best planned cities of the world. Navi Mumbai solely host home for 1 million people.