#AllBirthdayMatters trending on Twitter on Donald Trump’s Birthday

#AllBirthdayMatters trending on Twitter on Donald Trump's Birthday

You might have heard many times that your day can be changed, and literally, this happened unexpectedly on social media on this June 14th. The President of the United States of America, Donald Trump celebrates his birthday on 14th June. But rather than tweeting about his birthday people started tweeting about Former President, Barack Obama as #ObamaDay. A special day was made in 2017 to honor the President, which was decided to be 4th August every year.

According to the sources, someone changed the date from August 4 to 14 June on Wikipedia. Thereafter, it started trending on twitter. People uploaded pictures of Obama with hashtags #AllBirthdaysMatter. Many people used hashtags related to the black community as well. Hashtag All Birthdays Matters came from All Lives Matters, which was further derived from Black Lives Matters. It was clear that people were least interested in Donald Trump’s birthday.

Even some politicians and celebrities including Sylvia K Alston, Ted Lieu, Billy Baldwin, Ken Jeong, and a lot more tweeted about #ObamaDay. Reactions of people from all across the states are perhaps a sign of the upcoming elections. They loved their former President, without any doubt. However, people are still confused that if they will again celebrate Obama Appreciation Day on 4th August or not. 

Written by Neha Garg