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Alyssa Milano Get Trolled for wearing a face mask of crochet in a Photo

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On Saturday when Actress Alyssa Milano had shared photographs of herself and her family on Twitter. In this they are wearing face masks for coronavirus and even encouraged others for doing the same. But it was crocheted which seems like there are holes in it. She with her family in the car sitting which includes her two children with her husband and all are wearing the covering of a face.

But the users of Twitter had pointed out that a mask of Milano crocheted is having holes in it and it was not doing anything. Even one of the users had pointed out by showing the photo where there many holes with a comment that her mask is nothing but to keep mosquitoes out from it. Others posted photographs by criticizing the choice of her mask.

After many of the users have criticized her, she replied that inside the mask there was a filter. She said that the holes of a mask are due to as there is a carbon filter in it. So, maybe it is crochet but still it is completely safe.  Mask has a filter which is a carbon one and her mom had made it. Which she states as #Wear a mask.

By the evening of Saturday, the confirmed coronavirus cases were more than 1.6 million in the US and more than 97,000 death has taken places. This is as per the report of Johns Hopkins University.

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