Amazon Bets on Prime Day in Latin America to Battle Local Rivals

Though the online retailing giant, Amazon, has soared its sales during the pandemic, the company finds it difficult in Latin America’s top two economies. Amazon is reportedly locked in a dogfight with the local rivals in Mexico and Brazil, as it’s rolling out its Prime Day event. 

Amazon is not the monster in Latin America, as the case is in the US, according to Marcos Pueyrredon, President of Buenos Aires-based eCommerce Institute. The website traffic suggests that Amazon struggles to keep up with Argentina’s MercadoLibre. In Mexico, Amazon launched its marketplace in 2015 and is in second place. In Brazil, the company launched in 2017 but is in the fifth position. 

But Amazon said that it is pleased with the growth there and shall keep investing in their markets. During the annual shopping event on Tuesday and Wednesday, the company would showcase its discounts and free shipping, along with a prime membership. This strategy has helped Amazon reel in repeat shoppers around the world. It’s time to see how well they work in Latin America for the retailer.