Amazon is reportedly planning a Prime Day sequel for later this year

Amazon may have just revealed the July dates for its Prime Day shopping bonanza, but the company is already gearing up for a second shopping event for Amazon Prime subscribers for later this year, Business Insider and CNBC report. Information sent to sellers that has been seen by the publications is calling it the “Prime Fall Deal Event”, although exactly when in the fall is unclear – CNBC cites a report that it will happen in the fourth quarter, while Business Insider reports that “invited sellers say it’s slated for October.”

Last year, Amazon hosted a beauty products event in October, so a new sales moment during that period is not entirely unprecedented. But this year’s fall event sounds like it’s more like a Prime Day 2.0, as both summer and fall sales are “expected to feature insane sales of TVs, sneakers, and other items,” according to the statement. Business Insider† Amazon did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

Amazon’s growth has slowed after a surge early in the pandemic, so these rumors of a second deal event could give the company a boost later this year. And the upcoming Prime Day in July is still expected to be big The Wall Street Journal reports that Amazon has seemingly scaled back some of its promotion for the event compared to previous years — you can’t see a Prime-exclusive Taylor Swift concert, for example.

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