Amazon Labor Union says NLRB has green light for second NYC election

Amazon employees at Staten Island’s LDJ5 warehouse have reportedly received clearance from the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) to continue union activity, according to the Amazon Labor Union, after workers filed a petition in February to join a union. According to posted a screenshot by means of vice reporter Lauren Kaori Gurley, Amazon acknowledged the decision in a message sent to employees via the A to Z app.

The Amazon Labor Union, or ALU, has been working on unifying the facility for some time — in October it petitioned to unify Amazon’s facilities on Staten Island, but later resubmitted that petition to focus on a single magazine, JFK8. Employees at JFK8 have since been allowed to hold elections on March 25. After the ALU petitioned for LDJ5, the NLRB said it would confirm it “met the requirement of showing interest to proceed with a union election.”

A spokesperson for the NLRB could not immediately confirm that the approval had been granted, and Amazon did not immediately respond The edge‘s request for comment. However, the ALU claims it got that approval. Based on the process for JFK8, the next step will be an NLRB hearing, after which the details and dates for the election will be determined.

Amazon has previously been accused of actions against unions in New York, with the NLRB alleging that it threatened, monitored and interrogated employees.

Two other Amazon facilities are involved in union elections. In addition to JFK8, Amazon’s Bessemer, Alabama branch recently held its election renewal after the NLRB ruled that Amazon had interfered with the former. According to the NPR, election officials for the Bessemer union campaign will begin the vote counting on March 28. In the original election, the votes were 1,798 to 738 in favor of Amazon.

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