Amber Riley, Iqbal Theba, Heather Morris Replied to ‘Glee’ co-star Lea Michele

Amber Riley, an artist, raised her voice by commenting on Samantha Marie and accusing star Lea Michele of her vulgar and disrespectful behavior on the set of “glee”. Behalf of Samantha ware she added that she is proud of standing up for herself and she is also proud of not being fearful and speaking the truth.

Riley when aged 34 has played in Mercedes Jones in 200 on an Instagram live interview she said that she believes that Lea Michele is not a racist, she said that it was assumption due to today’s racism for Africa Americans. Riley also pointed to note that she and other black performers had encountered white women.

A great actor Iqbal Theba is known for his role as Principal Figgins. He also played a role with Michele in Ryan Murphy. On Wednesday he said that during working with Michele he was never mistreated by her. He also added that many people are assuming that Michele mistreated him. He also tweeted that if anyone in the cast was mistreated by Michele badly, she has apologized which is impressive. Iqbal also added that being called a racist during these trouble times is so bad.

On Wednesday Heather Morris who played a starring role in “Glee” tweeted that from a long time Michele is disrespectful to others as she did such things she should be called out.

On Tuesday Michele apologized to ware in her long Instagram post. She said that she is sorry for being insensitive and inappropriate several times. And she is sorry for her behavior. Ware responded to Michele by providing a link for a fundraising campaign for the family of James Scurlock, a 22-year-old (an African American man) who was fatally shot by a bar owner. Yet no further response is received from Lea.