AMC Theatres Re-opening sells out nearly everywhere

Many analysts had predicted that AMC Theatres, which is the largest theatre chain in the world, would not survive the pandemic wave, but the CEO Adam Aron had claimed that the company was standing strong and has survived the worst of the pandemic. After this, he proudly announced the re-opening of 100 locations of the theatres all over the nation.

He said that this will be done from August 20th to mark the 100th anniversary of the AMC Entertainment. He also said that he is expecting that around two-thirds of the theatres will re-open by September 3rd. to celebrate the century of its business, the tickets were sold for only 15 cents and the CEO claimed that they were all sold at all the re-opened locations.

AMC Theatres is deciding to continue selling the ticket at a discounted rate of $5 per ticket for the popular classics that are being screened currently, till the bigger upcoming movies like Tenet and The Mutants are released. Even for those movies, the brand has said that it will charge only $10 per ticket.