AMD’s Leaked Noise Canceling Feature May Be the Response to RTX Voice


AMD appears to be about to release a competitor for RTX Voice, a feature for Nvidia graphics cards that neutralizes background noise when you’re on a call or otherwise using your microphone. That’s according to a trailer AMD posted on its YouTube channel (apparently incorrectly), Tom’s hardware reports. Fortunately, a copy of the trailer was downloaded before it was removed by Reddit user u/zenobian and uploaded to the AMD subreddit.

The leaked trailer suggests that AMD’s Noise Suppression feature will work similarly to Nvidia’s RTX Voice (which was subsequently rolled out in Nvidia’s Broadcast app). It uses “a real-time deep learning algorithm” to provide “two-way noise cancellation” that filters out background noise from both outgoing and incoming microphone audio, and is apparently built into AMD’s existing Adrenalin software.

The big question is how well AMD’s noise reduction technology works in practice. Nvidia’s RTX voice works so well that it sometimes feels like magic, and when I’ve used it in the past, it thankfully wiped out the sound of the most indiscriminate mechanical keyboards. AMD arguably needs to match features like these if it has any hope of overcoming its underdog status in the GPU market.

There’s no mention of when the feature could receive an official announcement, or what hardware is needed to make use of it. When Nvidia initially released its RTX Voice software, it seemed that the AI-focused tensor cores in its newer graphics cards were the key to making it work. However, in later months, Nvidia officially rolled out support for the feature on many older cards that didn’t have the dedicated hardware. We hope AMD’s feature works on an equally wide range of devices.

AMD representatives did not respond to: The edge‘s request for comment.

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