America is Not Reopening- Prioritizing Science over Politics

America is Not Re-opening- Prioritizing Science over Politics

While President Donald Trump is living in his white house bubble, other state leaders decided to close down again. Trump’s demand for reopening has been pulled down by the leaders seeing the increasing cases of the Coronavirus.

When the cases have been increased to 60,000 a day, the leaders who were previously supporting Trump’s notion of opening have taken a step back and decided to remain shut down.

Leaders of Different States are prirotizing Science over Politics

With the announcement of mask wearing mandate by the Republican Gov. Greg Abbott, more stringent measures would be taken to control the epidemic. Texas  Mayor Sylvester Turner has also proposed 2 weeks of shutdown.

Gavin Newsom Governor of California have ordered to shut all the Restaurants, bars, Movie theaters and zoos. In Los Angeles and San Diego Kids will be taking only Online classes for this year.

Not more than 10 people can gather in Oregon as the cases in the state is alarming. KFC has also discouraged the dine-in service in the states where cases are increasing.

Shut Down Could be a Setback for the Reviving Economy

Nation is on Shuting down phase against the false claims of “Transition to greatness” by the President Donald Trump. The restriction again in the big cities could be the set back for the reviving economy.

Temporary Jobs gain could be turned into permanent job losses. At this point, the remark made by Dr. Anthony Fauci in the press that “Fast Openings have triggered a Disaster” is seemed to be very much true.

In his statement, he said “It is very clear — and we know this from countries throughout the world — that if you physically separate people, to the point of not allowing the virus to transmit … we know that we can do that if we shut down. We did not shut down entirely — and that’s the reason why, when we went up, we started to come down, and then we plateaued at a level that was really quite high — about 20,000 infections a day.” “Then, as we started to reopen, we’re seeing the surges that we’re seeing today, as we speak, in California … in Arizona, in Texas, in Florida, and in several other states.”