‘America Needs You!’ Stars go NAKED in PSA on mail-in ballots for the election


The celebrities have gone out of their vote to remind the US population that it’s time to vote. Many of them have shown guts to strip their clothes off in reminding us all to do it. Many stars like Amy, Mark Ruffalo, Sarah Silverman, and others went naked to grab everyone’s attention for a new PSA on the US’s mail-in ballots.

Celebrities like Chelsea Handler, Mark Ruffalo, Kerry Washington, Naomi Campbell stressed the importance of early voting in a video clip, where all of them have appeared without clothes. The stars also gave the specific state guidelines, which included that Pennsylvania’s state will not have just one, but two envelopes to be put in the ballot.

The stars urged that people follow all the instructions carefully and do not oversee specific instructions on which color ink should be used and what type of envelopes are to be used and not mess with the voting procedure.