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Americans refused to maintain Covid-19 social distancing rules at the Lake of the Ozarks pool party

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A restaurant in Missouri has evolved into the ward for remiss social distancing after presenting a Memorial Day weekend pool party. The assembling of Agreement social distancing calculates to limit the extension of Covid-19. It was no dissimilar to last weekend, even after the pandemic, people explode the restaurant and visit for ignoring the social distancing advice. Jodi Akins, from Blue Springs, told in a report that she Show up the bar with her four friends for a pool party on Saturday.

When we reached the venue my first words were ‘oh my gosh’ it was excessive for sure nobody was following the rules of social distancing it was nonexistent. At the same time people were enjoying themselves. It was a very cheerful environment but yes security was heavy!!  She said the bar Draw some safety protection. They were checking all of our temps and also they provide thousands of bottles of hand sanitizer!! It is clearly shown in the posts of social media that even if the place was operating at decreased capacity, it was too jammed to maintain six feet between attendees.

In a statement, Dr. Randall Williams, director of Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services, said the department wanted everyone to be secure for Memorial Day.

The bar said it would be operating at less capacity, visitors would be continually cleaning and also bathrooms will be sanitized. There would be a medical Technician on staff while the party is going on. As per the data there are currently 12,167 confirmed COVID-19 cases in Missouri and 685 deaths. The US death toll is nearing 100,000The website of Governor Michaels Parson boosts the state’s residents to follow the social distancing and maintain good hygiene.

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