An Executive Order Against Social Media Companies Signed by President Donald Trump

An Executive Order Against Social Media Companies Signed by President Donald Trump

On Thursday when two of President’s tweets marked as ”Misleading” by Twitter, President signed an executive order against social media companies. When asked the need of the executive order, Donald Trump replied that executive order is to protect freedom of speech in America.

He further added in his claim that any communication either private or public is controlled by the social media companies. The social media companies have forgot to put censor on the conversation between private citizens and public audiences.

This all started when twitter deleted two of the tweets by President in which one is claiming Mall-in Ballots will result is Voter fraud and that too without any solid evidence. Immedietely after the deletion of the tweet, Trump warned the social media that if they continue their censorship or deletion he would his power to shut down.

What does the Executive Order say about Censorship by Social Media Platform?

The executive order signed by Donald Trump says that the censorship by the social media is very Un-American. No social media platform have right to hand-picked the content to be posted on their platforms. Americans have full right to speech and share their feelings online.

The order specifically focuses on how Twitter is labeling warnings to some of their tweets. The order also accused Google and Facebook to promote Chinese Propaganda.

In response to the executive order, Tech companies warns the world that digital economy is in Danger if this executive order passed. No denying the false informations that isbeing spreading on the social media, with this executive order we are futher puting the digital platform in danger.

How the Executive Order would Impact the Social Media Platform?

With this executive order, new regulations will be made under the Section 230 by the Federal Communications Commission. The new regulation will make it easier to sue social media companies for the deletion of the content.