An executive order signed by Trump for expanding choice of school for Hispanic Students

An executive order signed by Trump for expanding choice of school for Hispanic Students

On Thursday an executive order signed by President Trump for the Hispanic Prosperity Initiative in the White House. This is a move that the administration says will improve the Latinos’ access from educational as well as economic opportunities.

In Rose Garden of White House before signing an order in the speech Trump said that this is an initiative as expanding of choice of school for Hispanics and also access will improve for students to charter schools. This initiative will more career opportunities for the Hispanic students and investment will boast in economical communities that are distressed which include Opportunity zones. This will increase economic opportunities for minority and small owned businesses.

President had also criticized the states for keeping a school closed during a pandemic situation. He is pressuring local and state officials to open the school with a threat to withhold federal funds. Pointing towards the AAP (American Academy of Pediatrics) that has urged officials for letting students present physically at school.

On Wednesday, a tweet was done by the President that in different countries Germany, Norway, Denmark, Sweden, as well as other countries the schools are opening without any problem.

President has been saying to Democrats, like Joe Biden, former Vice President who is also the Democratic while presidential election who wants to keep the school closed due to any political reasons. Even it was asked that does Biden supporting for sending the students to school and they are making proposals for Trump to work on it.

The officials said that they are ensuring safety for the health of the public. On Thursday, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said that they are offering different documents for schools and local governments to determine that opening schools would be safe or not in this pandemic situation.

Robert Redfield, CDC Director had given the clarification when Trump had made the statement by saying that he disagreed on it and call this as impractical. They will be issuing by next week’s new guidelines for the schools.