An SMS Phishing Scam is Duping Netizens by Pretending to be an Apple Chatbot


The most common method used by hackers today is the SMS phishing scams used to trick innocent users. A new kind of such technique is in circulation on the internet, duping the netizens by pretending to be an Apple chatbox.

As per the reports, the innocent users fall prey to the scam and give their bank details. The scammers are sending SMSs with malevolent links to the smartphone users. The cybersecurity wrote in a blog post that the SMS show you some complimentary messages from a fake Apple chatbox.

They excite the users by saying that they are selected to be a part of the Apple 2020 Testing Program. The successive messages share a link that opens up in a new window, where a few questions are asked about the users. Followed by this opens a page where the users are requested to choose an iPhone. 

Once the purchase is confirmed, the users are asked to enter their email address and make payment. With this, the scammers get access to their data and their banking details. In turn, they access their personal accounts. The security experts have recommended deleting such messages and also use web filters, which will keep the bad stuff out.