Annie Glenn, the widow of Astronaut John Glenn dies of coronavirus

Annie Glenn, the widow of Astronaut John Glenn dies of coronavirus

Glenn died of coronavirus difficulty at a nursing home near St. Paul, Minnesota. She died this Tuesday at the age of 100. Back in 2016 when John Glenn died, the two had been married to each other for 73 years. She had gone to the placed they shared in Columbus in recent years and she has gone to live with her daughter named Lyn, according to Wilson.

In 2009, Glenn got an honorary Postgraduate degree from Ohio State, where she served as an addition professor of speech pathology in the Department of Speech and Hearing Science. Her established in advocacy for those with conversation disorders contained service on the able boards of different child abuse and hearing agencies. The Annie Glenn prize was created to respect individuals who get rid of the lack of communication. Annie Glenn was the point of communication into the spotlight back in 1962, when her husband became the first American to revolution Earth.

In her adulthood, Glenn had a harsh stutter, which made conversation hard to do. In a period of 1998 her interview with TODAY, she said that she was a “95 85%speak haltingly,” which meant the speech problem was present in the bulk of her speech. Annie Glenn worked for a conversation disorder organizations and became an addition professor in the Speech Pathology Department in The Ohio State University’s Department of Speech and Hearing Science.

In 1998, Defense Secretary William Cohen dignified Annie Glenn with the Department of Defense Medal for superior Public Service. He also called her a superhero in her way and admired her for being “a strong language for children.  A virtual ceremony service will be held on Saturday, June 6, at 10 a.m. central.