Apex Legends Season 6 Teasers Have Started Appearing In Kings Canyon

As far as Apex Legends are concerned, there have been some strange set of events going on. This highlights the fact that battle royale Season 6 could be fast approaching. Well, fans can hardly keep that cool. 

It is a well-proven fact by now that Respawn Entertainment has always lived up to its promises. So it can be expected that the successor to Fortune’s Favor should be out there in August. With this, there can be another new playable character and adjustments. The established strategies can be upset due to the inception of new blood alone. 

The fans are looking forward that some amount of rework associated with Apex‘s existing – and Crypto, combatants could be in the works. 

Image Source : Deccan Oddessy

As far as new potential new content is concerned, the first-ever story-driven quest line of Apex, Broken Ghost, greatly lays emphasis to the fact that players might be heading back into the stars. It is in search of a new arena for battling it out and new changes to Kings Canyon support such suspicions.

All sorts of speculation are going on. One thing is for sure that Respawn needs to speak on the topic sometime soon. There can be nothing better than a special event that will tell the fans all about Season 6 arrival. 

All that we can do as of now is wait and watch. The fans can surely expect to get to hear all about the official details for upcoming refresh of Apex Legend to turn up over the next couple of weeks. 

So stay tuned for more interesting details!