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Apple Accidentally Approved a Widely Infamous Malware to Run on Mac Computers

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Apple had made a stringent rule to safeguard user data and confidentiality. All the developers are asked to submit their apps for scrutiny and then run on Macs. Only once the notarization process is over will the in-built security software ‘Gatekeeper’ allows the apps to run. All the apps go through a notarization process so that no virulent apps are allowed to function.

But the safety researchers have found the first malware for Mac, which accidentally cleared the notarization process. It was concealed as Adobe Flash Installer. Such campaigns are standard, but they usually run without notarization code and are easily blocked by Mac.  But this one had a notarized code, which was shocking.

Mac security personnel ‘Wardle’ said that when this issue was brought to Apple’s notice, they instantly removed the malware’s notarization mark.

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