Apple Watch 6 Release Date, Price, Blood Oxygen Tracking and Rumours

iwatch 6 series

Apple has recently announced that it will launch its brand new watch on the 15th of September this year. This article pours in all the leaked specs and features about the much heated Apple’s upcoming wearable – Apple Watch 6.


Series 5 watch costs around $399 to $499, depending upon the model. This pricing structure has been constant for many years now. So, one can expect that the price of series 6 would be somewhere in the same range, or slightly more

Display and design

According to some rumours, few changes are expected in the watch’s appearance.

Apple can drop Digital crown in the upcoming series, and come with on-body optical sensors. This eliminates the need for physical buttons to give inputs. Another change could be switching to microLED screen instead of OLED. With these changes, the device would be sleeker, slimmer and much efficient. 


A larger battery is expected in this watch, ideally around 300 mAh.

Also, the watch might come with SpO2 monitoring system that would measure your oxygen level and warn you if it goes below the moderate level.

Online sources claim that the watch will be water-resistant and have a strong and stable wireless connectivity. 

Blood pressure tracker

Apple patent indicates that this smartwatch could intelligently track blood pressure using sensors, thus identifying health conditions like hypertension. But, apple tipsters say that there will be no blood pressure tracker herein. Disappointing, right?

Sleep tracker 

It is quite apparent that Apple Watch 6 will have sleep tracker installed. Apple users have always yearned for an integrated sleep tracker feature in the watch.  With series 6, this need seems to be fulfilled. This feature can make series 6 a viable competitor to its other counterparts like Fitbit Charge 4.

Written by Stephen D