April Fools’ pranks for kids & What to Expect from your favourite brands

Everyone can join in the fun on April 1. Make your whole family laugh with these April Fools’ pranks.

April Fools’ pranks for kids

It’s April Fools’ Day soon, and fun April Fools’ pranks for kids are the perfect way to lighten the mood. You can plan to keep your kids guessing all day long with pranks (and jokes) for April Fools’ Day, which lasts for 24 hours. In the April Fool’s day pranking game, kids might want to play some April Fools’ pranks on your parents, so tread carefully. As a rule, we prefer jokes and japes that make everyone cry with laughter, rather than just crying, so these are all wacky, memorable high jinks that will make everyone in the family laugh, no matter what their age is! You can get more April Fool’s pranks for kids (and more pranks to pull) by checking out these funny pranks to pull this year. Enjoy!

Make a move while they sleep

For kids who sleep a lot, this April Fools’ prank is perfect. Change their comforter, shuffle their furniture, or even switch their beds during the night. After snoozing for so long, they won’t remember what exactly took place

Turn their milk blue

Do any members of your family enjoy Star Wars? Let them know that you got them some extra-special Tatooine milk! For those who drink milk every morning or eat cereal every day, this simple April Fools’ prank is perfect. Then shake it up, then pour it into your milk carton. For more laughs, try these short jokes. (You get bonus points if you decorate your milk carton with Star Wars-themed labels.)

grapes. April fools pranks for kids

Let the Easter Bunny play jokester

Easter Sunday (April 17, 2022) is a few days after April Fools’ Day. Take advantage of this opportunity to let your Easter Bunny have some fun early this year. 

For a sweet (and silly) surprise, peel the foil from a foil-wrapped chocolate egg and cover individual grapes with it.

Give them a little bathroom reading

A low effort, big-laugh April Fool’s prank for kids, this is easy to pull off. Write “Happy April Fools’ Day” or a funny joke on your toilet paper using a Sharpie. Unroll your toilet paper a bit. Reroll it and see what the surprise is.

Swap out their breakfast cereal

Kids who love their favorite cereal will love this April Fools’ prank. Get your kids to eat a healthier cereal with a little trick (or to enjoy a sugary cereal that is usually off-limits). Swap the bags between two cereal boxes and watch your kids’ reactions as soon as they realize they are eating something different. 

Set up a balloon surprise

The kids will be surprised when they wake up in the morning with this April Fools’ prank. Put inflated balloons inside the pocket created by the plastic wrap, and apply painter’s tape to the plastic wrap. A balloon explosion will greet your child as soon as they open the door in the morning.

What’s coming up for 2022 April Fools’ Day?

Early entry: Hellmann’s Butterfinger Mayonnaise, Hellmann’s first dessert mayonnaise. Think of it as a sandwich spread version of a Dairy Queen Blizzard.

A press release for the April 1 release of the new product describes it as “the crunchy sweetness of Butterfinger combined with the smoothness of Hellmann’s.” “This launch is conveniently timed for April Fools’ Day.” the announcement adds.

You can expect the fun to last all day.

The Velveeta line of V by Velveeta’s beauty products, including moisturizers and night creams, was one of last year’s best April Fools’ jokes. One prank pitch parents wished was real: LEGO’s SmartBricks, toys that can move out of the way automatically when someone approaches.

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