Arnab Goswami’s Alleged leaked Chats go viral, a message reads, “Kangana Ranaut is sexually possessed with Hrithik Roshan”

For a long time now, Arnab Goswami has been surrounded by controversies. He has been a prime suspect in the TRP scam. His channel is also on the radar. He has gone through rounds of questioning. The latest in the track is his leaked chats with the EX-BARC CEO and is related to the time when he interviewed Hrithik Roshan in an hour-long interview where he has openly spoken about Kangana’s allegations.

In the viral chat, Arnab has alleged that Kangana has erotomania and is sexually possessed with Hrithik. As per reports, a 500 page document with all the chats has gone viral.

The chats are about the two actors, when they were in warfare, over their suspected affair which eventually ended on a bad note. The screenshots of the chat show that Arnab has called Kangana erotomaniac.

The man on the other side of the chat wanted to enquire about what had Hrithik spoken off the camera. To which, Arnab replies that he thinks that Hrithik was dumb and Kangana was schizophrenic and that she has erotomania. The man, unable to understand what that meant, asked him to explain erotomania. To which, Arnab replied that she was sexually possessed with him.

Both of them then chatted about how Kanagan has been vocal on the issue and Hrithik chose to maintain silence. Also, Arnab said that Kangana Ranaut is finished now, as she has crossed her line.

The chats are viral on social media and are yet not defended by Arnab. Let’s see what he has to say about the allegations.

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