Ashley Stock’s 3-Year-Old Daughter Passed away

Ashley Stock's 3-Year-Old Daughter Passed away

She announced this on Instagram by sharing a post which includes a photo of the casket and their other family members. Her name was Stevie Lynn Stock. She died due to a brain tumor. On Thursday Influencer Ashley Stock shared photos of the funeral through Instagram. The images showed that Ashley, her husband Ben, and their two other sons Wesley and Sawyer were near the casket. All the family members placed white roses on the top. On another photo, there were handprints of all the family members on the casket. Ashley captioned this post with lyrics of the great music of Alexander Hamilton, It’s Quiet Uptown. It was played by Alexander Hamilton when his son died.

Ashley, through her post, said that on 27 May, at about 1:05 PM she took her last breath in our arm. She also said that now she is overwhelmed that her daughter is at peace now. She also concluded that she is crushed with pain and she has no words to express her feelings. According to reports, Stevie Lynn Stock was suffering from a brain tumor with a 0%curable rate. Ashley Stock was born on February 13, 1984, in California.

Funeral took place on 1 June according to another Instagram post.

She is best known as a Blogger. She also said that at that time when you hold your child you have no words to express who would be the complete breakdown. She also said that I can trade my life for her life if I can. How life can be so unfair. She was only 3 years old, so cute, so gorgeous. I’m not having words to express. May God give her family members all the strength they needed and overcome their pain? We can’t recover their loss but can pray for them. And rest in peace, Stevie Lynn Stock.