Asuka and Otis win WWE Money in the Bank Challenge 2020

Asuka and Otis win WWE Money in the bank 2020

WWE did not skip any match during the coronavirus pandemic that’s break off entertainment and sports. The authorities continue its cable and schedule on Sunday night with the Money in the Bank story episode. The tradition of briefcase match is continued with 12 men. All the women had begun the match with Titan Towers and battle all out to get the briefcase. The match started at 7 p.m. 

When the authorities decided that Money in the Bank ladder matches would be on the house of WWE’s joint main office, people expect it to be more different and unique as compared to the other matches. The match was more silly and goofy than you ever expect it to be. All the men and women got a placed to win the match, but later on Asuka become money in the bank and Otis ended up becoming money in the match. The briefcase directly fell into his lap and Otis becomes Money in the bank exceptionally.

Details of WWE Money in the Bank Challenge 2020

  • Asuka started the match with a dive to her opponents she also took escalators to the top. At the same time, men started it with a workout room. Men showed their actions in the corporate gym.
  • Rey Mysterio used all the gym material very harshly against Aleister Black. Otis defeat AJ styles with a bar that was filled with hundred pounds of weights. AJ styles were stuck in the weights.
  • Nia Jax brawl and Shayna Baszler both were taken away by Dana Brooke, and immediately she captures the Money in the bank.
  • After the incident, Stephanie McMahon warned her that she did not win the match and she cannot take the briefcase with her, after the announcement of Stephanie McMahon she went to the roof again.
  • At last, Asuka kicks Baron Corbin and found the briefcase, and won Money in the Bank

Written by Neha Garg