Attorney General Keith Ellison to start George Floyd investigation

Attorney General Keith Ellison start George Floyd investigation

Ellison, a politician who serve Minneapolis in Congress from 2007 to 2019, accentuate that hurrying the case would not be active from the long run as he desire to encourage that he cannot be blamed of missing or neglect any evidence.

In a curious lawful action, Minnesota Attorney General Keith Ellison will take the start in the pursuit of the fired Minneapolis polices to officer charged with assassination George Floyd, and helpless black man who died last week in a police guardianship. This accord is one that I ambience takes us in that control and the stride to dawn getting the justice for George Floyd. Ellison also said possible charges fill also be filled against Chauvin.

Over the old couple of days, Walz said he has heeded a serious message from protesters: “they consider time and time again, the system works entirely well as it was arrange: to call on those rights and deny justice to the communities of color.” 

Ellison, said we just want to let the public know that we are resulting justice, we are a resulting truth, we are doing it perfectly, Ellison said. Previous Sunday, Hennepin County Attorney Mike Freeman said that he asked for llison’s aid and that the state attorney general admits being an adequate partner in the proceedings.

The judgment appears after ten members of a Minneapolis authorization of Minnesota House of members wrote a letter to Governor Tim Walz on Friday, asking for complete deportation of the case to the Attorney General’s office. Sadly, our board, chiefly element of color, have missed acceptance in the ability of Hennepin County Attorney Mike Freeman to adequately and correctly investigate and arraign these cases,” the letter stated. He also said that he is reviewing the clue, and he is reviewing the law as well.