Australian women to sue Qatar over invasive gynaecological searches at airport

Australian women to sue Qatar over invasive gynaecological searches at airport

A community of women subjected to invasive gynaecological searches at Doha airport will sue Qatari authorities, seeking redress for a tribulation that sparked world condemnation, their prison professional told AFP Monday.

Ladies on 10 Qatar Airways flights from Doha, in conjunction with 13 Australians, had been subjected to the examinations gradual last twelve months as authorities sought for the mother of a brand contemporary child came across abandoned in an airport bathroom.

The incident caused outrage, and fuelled concerns about Qatar’s medication of women as the Gulf direct prepares to salvage thousands of foreign guests for the 2022 soccer World Cup.

Damian Sturzaker, from Sydney-essentially based firm Marque Attorneys, said seven affected passengers now opinion real action to “ship a message to Qatari authorities that you’re going to have the flexibility to’t treat ladies… on this kind”.


“The community of women dangle suffered vital hurt on the night fervent, now excellent over a twelve months within the past, and they proceed to undergo hurt and sick effects and trauma as a results of what took place,” he told AFP.

Sturzaker said the ladies had been seeking a formal apology, compensation, and protection for future passengers transiting thru the airport.

Qatar is an extremely-conservative Muslim monarchy, the place intercourse and childbirth outdoor of marriage are punishable by detention heart.

Ahead of the World Cup, the country has struggled to reassure critics that its guarantees on ladies’s rights, labour relatives and democracy are credible.

Going thru presumably devastating industrial and reputational hurt after the incident, Qatar vowed to thunder the future “security and security” of passengers.

The country’s top minister also issued an apology, whereas an airport police officer who oversaw the searches was reportedly convicted.

Nonetheless Sturzaker said the ladies had now not been made responsive to any enhancements to airport procedures and their attempts to explore mediation had been unsuccessful.

They now wished to highlight their case ahead of the FIFA match, to guarantee that other travellers had been successfully-told prior to visiting Qatar, he added.

“They must undergo in thoughts that — even as there is a guise of a extremely developed, extremely modernised airport and nationwide service — these occasions dangle took place and there is nothing combating them from going down again,” he said.

Qatar’s embassy in Canberra and Qatar Airways didn’t straight acknowledge to requests for observation.

Sturzaker said the lawsuit will most likely be filed in Australia in opposition to the Qatar Civil Aviation Authority, Hamad Global Airport, Qatar Airways and the country’s executive within weeks.