Avengers: Infinity War Theory Explains Why Star-Lord Was Right To Hit Thanos


As the movie series finally came to an end, many Avengers’ fans across the world were blaming Star-Lord for the genocide of half of the universe by Thanos. However, another new theory aptly justifies why this act by Star-Lords was the only way to make sure the Avengers emerge victorious at last. Let’s decode the theory and know what the outcome would have been otherwise.

Gauntlets would have been with the Avengers now. Then, probably they would have separated and stored all stones at different places in the universe. Everything seems sorted until Thanos comes searching for the infinity stones again. This would again result in infinity war, with more casualties. Apparently, it would then be followed by a never-ending series of attacks by villains in places where stones would have been kept.

But with Star-Lord letting Thanos have all the stones, Thanos executed his plan of destroying every infinity stone. Since no stones are now left, this would mean an end of the instances where villains are in a continuous fight with the avengers to acquire infinity stones. Hence, it would significantly reduce casualties of the heroes and the innocent sufferers in the sidelines. Now, some fans would be saying that a better storyline would be if the Avengers themselves destroy the stones. But, this is not possible, friends. You forgot that only Thanos is empowered to handle the infinity stones and also command stones to end themselves.

Thus, the destruction of stones by Thanos only meant that nobody gets them again, giving a final closure to the wars. In the long run, it is not apt to held Star-Lord responsible for the destruction of half of the universe.