Ayesha Curry criticized as a Hypocrite by showing her Bikini Pics

Ayesha Curry criticized as a Hypocrite by showing her Bikini Pics

Nowadays, people do not miss any chance to troll or criticize others. They do not care if someone is a common person or a celebrity, they just need a single chance. Moreover, on social media, your mistake or some abnormal activity can get viral overnight. Recently, a famous TV personality Ayesha Curry, wife of well-known Basketball player Stephen Curry, came in highlight due to an Instagram post. According to the reports, she posted a photo of herself in a two-piece swimsuit. She posted her photo to inspire people by looking at her weight loss. Being a mother of three, it is difficult to maintain a fitness routine.

Most of the people appreciated her dedication towards health and fitness, but there were some comments due to which the post got viral. According to the reports, her 2015 tweet did not match her recent Instagram post. Back then, she tweeted that she does not like the latest trend where ladies post pictures of themselves with less or barely worn clothes and recently, after posting her swimsuit photo, people started trolling her. People commented that she is a hypocrite.

They have created many theories around it, which we think is not necessary. But anyhow, being a TV personality and getting into a highlight, she needs to answer her followers. Let us wait and see how she will respond to them. A lot of fans have captured problems with the photos due to Curry’s last comments that people should not show too much skin.

The pictures engage thousands of praise from fans, including Kelly Rowland and Jordyn Woods. Ayesha Curry has faced a big body transformation, peeling nearly 40 pounds from the starting of 2020. Many would admit that Ayesha Curry is an amazing woman. She said she feels beautiful about her body as she is a mother of three children.