Ban on Zoom? A petition has been filed in Supreme Court

Recently, the online conferencing app ‘Zoom’ responded to the notice released by Supreme Court of India, after a petition seeking a ban on this app was filed.

While the whole world is facing Lockdown, Zoom was that viral app for those who are working/studying from home. The video conferencing platform has become popular in a very short period around the world as millions of users are flocking to ‘ZOOM’ for meetings amid the Covid-19 lockdown. Now, the platform is receiving strong criticism for its poor security protocols.

The image contains views of inside the supreme court of India

 Recently, the online conferencing app ‘Zoom’ responded to the notice released by Supreme Court of India, after a petition seeking a ban on this app was filed. 

Responding to this a ‘ZOOM’ Spokesperson officially released a statement in which he said,

“Zoom takes user privacy, security, and trust extremely seriously. We have been focused on enhancing our commitment to security and privacy under our 90-day plan announced April 1st, and have made significant progress. In India, we’ve been very proud of working with businesses, government agencies, communities, school teachers, and other users stay connected during this challenging and unprecedented time.”

Zoom app has also released a message to its users in late April in which they have said:

“We have always been a leader in innovating at speed and scale, and are equally committed to doing that with respect to privacy and security. We actively and quickly addressed specific security concerns as they were raised over the past few weeks. Zoom absolutely delivers a safe and secure virtual meeting environment when used with the appropriate safeguards to protect meetings, like enabling passwords and waiting rooms. Zoom has been – and continues to be – the platform of choice for many sophisticated organizations all over the world. The attached data sheet includes additional information regarding our security features, both old and new, that help keep your data safe. We hope that this information will allow you to take comfort in the fact that Zoom is secure.”

“Earlier, Zoom has been reported having a bug by which cyber-criminals can intentionally leak information of users to third parties. In the middle of April, more than 500,000 users passwords and account details were found on the dark web. The app has falsely claimed that calls are end-to-end encrypted when they are not,” the plea filed said while claiming that Zoom had additionally apologized publicly for “erroneously directing traffic through China” where internet is being heavily monitored by the Chinese government.

Zoom also struggled with the thread of Zoom-bombing wherein hackers enter into your virtual conference and spam them with obscene and offensive content has become a fun part. Even as Zoom has been making efforts to prevent hacking on its platform.

The Ministry of Home Affairs of India released an advisory last month saying that the video conferencing app was an unsafe platform and was vulnerable to cyber attackers. Later zoom said that it was delightful to address these issue with the Indian government. 

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