Beat Saber’s downloadable tracks are half price until next week


Rhythm game Defeat Saber is one of the best things to do in virtual reality. But – no offense to the standard music packs – buying extra songs from major artists like Lizzo, BTS, Lady Gaga, Green Day, and Linkin Park is almost a requirement in my book. (Yes you could to install Defeat Saber mods adding extra tracks, but that would be piracy! It’s also a bit of a hassle.) While they normally cost $1.99 each, until 11am ET on December 6, you can get any single issue from the 136-song back catalog for half that price.

As Android Central Notes, bundled music packs are not discounted, so it’s not really a full half price sale. You still save money by buying the songs individually, just relatively less money since the bundles already made each song cheaper than $1.99. But it’s great deal if you want to pick and choose a few entries from each artist. Defeat Saber itself is included with any Meta Quest 2 purchase until the end of December – so if you recently got a Quest 2, it’s a great way to make the most of a free perk.

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