Behemoth Capture the Flag to be temporarily removed from Halo Infinite’s ranked playlist

Screenshot by Gamepur Halo Infinite’s Community Manager John Junyszek has announced Behemoth Capture the Flag will be removed from the ranked playlist until the team has rebalanced the map. The decision comes after a mixture of data and player feedback determined the map and mode combo was causing issues. According to Junyszek’s post on the…

Screenshot by Gamepur

Halo Limitless’s Neighborhood Supervisor John Junyszek has announced Behemoth Take the Flag will seemingly be eradicated from the ranked playlist until the team has rebalanced the blueprint. The resolution comes after a mixture of data and player feedback sure the blueprint and mode combo became as soon as causing points.

In line with Junyszek’s post on the Halo Waypoint boards, the important points assert to spawning and an absence of quilt across the blueprint. Currently, avid gamers spawn honest outside of the bases, main to hundreds more action than intended, an argument that is exacerbated by groups starting with the BR 75. All of this makes getting the flag a more monumental project than it must be.

The post additionally mentions that there aren’t many upright areas to engage quilt in Behemoth, meaning avid gamers could presumably well additionally be without trouble picked off with the starting weapon. Gamers possess additionally reported points with spawn unpredictability for both attacking and defending groups, causing additional irritation.

Though Behemoth CTF goes to be eradicated, the team doesn’t opinion for its exclusion to be permanent, and avid gamers can restful revel in the blueprint and mode mixture in diverse playlists. Nonetheless, for it to appear in the ranked playlist yet again, 343 Industries will must race several tests to reveal that matches play out as intended first.

FYI: Behemoth CTF is being taken out of ranked for the time being. Its presence in diverse playlists will seemingly be unchanged. Thanks for the feedback, and please preserve it coming on all capabilities of the game! 👊

— John Junyszek (@Unyshek) January 26, 2022