Best Gadgets to Gift your Father this Father’s Day 2020!

Best Gadgets to Gift your Father

Father’s Day will be nearing soon and if your dad is a tech-savvy person, it can be quite tough to find him a great gift. This means you need to be updated about the latest releases in gadgets and gizmos. In order to make this process easier for you, we have compiled a list of all the possible gifts you can check out for your tech-savvy dad.

Whether your dad loves music and would love to have a wireless experience or whether he loves to experiment in the kitchen with some cool devices or whether he loves photography, we have it all covered! We also have a few recommendations for those whose dads love to be fit!

So let’s dive right into the list of gadgets to gift your dad this Father day 2020!

1. Fit Track

FitTrack Offer

Now, this device is suitable for all those whose dads keep a watch on their weight!  It is the smartest medical scale in the world. All you need to do is step over this scale and it activates the dual BIA technology patented by Fit Track instantly. It monitors 17 vital insights on health and your dad can measure and track their health in real-time! How cool is that??! It is similar to a physical examination at your home!

 2. The PhotoStick 


This is a must-have for all the photography loving dads who have zillions of photographs on their laptop and camera! Laptops could crash once in a while and not having a backup of photographs, files, etc could lead to a loss of many memories. The photostick is a great device and is a USB that backs up the photographs. This is a great device for your dad as it is simple and does not require a lot of work pertaining to the installation of software. All he has to do is plug it in and it will start up instantly! This device is way better than cloud backup services every month.

3.  PlayBeatz 


This is the ideal gift for a dad who loves music! The Bluetooth 5.0 Wireless Earbuds from PlayBeatz offer exceptional performance at an affordable price! They are top quality and premium earbuds which will help him opt for hands-free calls, or give him the best music experience while he works out. Furthermore, the earbuds have an ergonomic design which will give him a lot of comforts even during activities such as running, horse-riding, climbing, etc. The earbuds can be used individually or even as a pair.

4. Peeps Carbon Technology 

Peeps Carbon Technology

Now this is one gift that any dad would love, especially if he owns an eyeglass! Normally, nobody tends to clean their eyeglasses well and the dirt just gets smudged than getting removed. This simple solution will save a lot of time and keeps glasses in the best condition! Your dad will definitely be impressed by this technology and will get rid of that tiny piece of cloth immediately!

5. KoreTense


Is your dad a fitness freak? Then at present, he would definitely be finding it tough to maintain his routines when the gyms are not functioning. Koretense is a smarter way of building strength and losing weight without heading to the gym. It helps develop power, strength, speed,  burn fat, and increase the muscle size right at home!

6. Muama Enence

Muama Instant Translator

Muama Enence is a perfect gift for your dad who loves holidays and keeps traveling and is constantly troubled with language barriers. A few clicks and any language gets translated into 43 languages in real-time! Your dad will be thanking you for this amazing gift!



FIXD is a great device that informs you as to why the ‘Check Engine Light’ of your vehicle is on, the severity of it, and what would the cost of repair be, in simple terms. You dad need not head to a mechanic and be looted by the unwanted repairs and sprawling expenses! This device will plug into any car – diesel, gas, or hybrid, and the model should be from 1996 onwards. He will be happy to have a mechanic at his disposal!

8. DartleType


The Dartle is a very handy device that will allow your dad to leave behind those portable keyboards or even notebook computers. The Dartle makes use of the current Bluetooth protocols and connects to any mobile or computer easily and swiftly thereby replacing the keyboard. This is a great gift for your dad who travels and uses his notebook computer and keyboard whilst traveling.

9. Sterilize X

This gift is the need of the hour. This device is a disinfection lamp that makes use of UV-C light technology and eliminates viruses, bacteria, etc., efficiently. The design is compact and it is quite simple to use. All your dad needs to do is switch it on and simply leave the room! This is a great gift for your dad and family, considering the present situation of the pandemic!

10. Dodow 


For all those whose dads find it tough to fall asleep and are opting for medication, this is a great natural way of helping them fall asleep fast. It combines meditation, yoga as well as behavioral therapy and is a very safe way of helping him fall asleep. The device comes with a money-back guarantee of 100 days which is a great offer!

11. MobileKlean 


This is for the smartphone/gadget users and traveler dads. Your dad must be definitely owning one and he must be finding it tough to keep it clean at all times. And when traveling, he would want to ensure the cutlery provided and the bathrooms are clean. This device will definitely help him out. It is a UV light sanitizer, that makes use of ultraviolet light to get rid of all the viruses, bacteria, and various common contaminants. And guess what, it can be used on any surface –  laptop keyboards, cutlery, smartphones, and even toilets! And it is a compact device which can fit into a bag or even a coat pocket.

12. SuperBoost Wifi

SuperBoost Wifi

In times like now, getting stuck at home with no proper internet connectivity is the last thing your dad would want! Even the bathroom breaks with just you, your phone, and the internet can get annoying if the WiFi does not reach the bathroom located upstairs! SuperBoost Wifi ensures this is taken care of for your father!  Whether he is in the backyard, or the basement or in the upstairs room, it ensures he has lightning fast internet everywhere!

13. InfinitiKloud

InfinitiKloud is a backup device perfect for the dads having a lot of files on their laptops and need to shift it before the laptop crashes! This device is not like any other device and has an in-built software which makes the process of back up very easy! He just has to plug it in, and the device will hunt down the files and back them up on its own!

14. NeckRelax

Neck Relax

NeckRelax is great for giving your dad a relaxing massage in addition to improving the blood circulation in his body. It will stimulate his muscles and get rid of any tension in the body in just 10 minutes! The best part is that this device does not have any moving parts and once he uses the device, he just has to click, select a setting, and relax. It has 3 settings -Infrared Heat, Therapeutic Ultrasound, and Electro Frequency Stimulation Massage Therapy.  This is the best gift a dad can ever get!

15. VIZR 


VIZR is great for anyone who drives! It converts the smartphone into a very convenient display and enables you to navigate and drive and keep your eyes fixed on the road. This is great for your dad who loves to use technology in almost everything, including driving and navigation! The setup is simple and does not need wiring or installation. It has free apps for iOS and Android and he can use it to check the traffic condition, GPS, the street maps, etc.

26. Xtra PC 

Your dad must have complained at some point in time about his computer being really slow, which is annoying him. However, buying a new computer would be quite expensive and when there is a much more affordable option available, he would definitely not prefer buying a new computer! Xtra-PC is the solution to this problem and you can speed up his slow computer with this, rather than splurging on a new laptop or computer!

17. Kailo 


The elderly tend to have pain in the body, in different parts, and it becomes quite tough for them to do anything about it, other than opting for painkillers or medication. This is where your dad could benefit from Kailo, which is a non-invasive patch that has billions of nano capacitors embedded into it.

This device interacts with the electrical system of the body. The nano capacitors work like a bio antenna, and help the body by helping reduce the pain. When he feels pain anywhere, all he needs to do is stick this patch onto that area. In moments, he will feel the pain going away. The device is reusable and will last for many years. All he needs to do is get the adhesive replaced regularly. It helps in back pain, elbow pain, knee pain, headache, migraine, etc. Definitely a helpful and amazing gift to help your loved ones.

18. Drone X Pro

Drone X Pro

For your adventurous dad, this is a must-have – the Drone X Pro! It is lightweight, foldable, and very unique. This is great for beginners and is a good gifting option for the dads who are into outdoor adventures. The drone is user-friendly, independent and it can fly in many predetermined ways on its own. Even if he is on the move, he can command the device to follow or focus on him. This is the best gift for bloggers, travelers, outdoor enthusiasts, and photography/video lovers! 

19. Bondic


Has your dad complained about the glue being a complete waste, especially in fixing things like broken eyeglasses, or bone china, etc? Has he indicated that these are unrepairable? Well, it is time to introduce him to Bondic! This glue is simply amazing and helps fix anything- even leaky plumbing! He just needs to apply the formula to the area that is damaged or broken, use the UV light on the area for just 4 seconds, and he will be amazed by the result! Bondic works well on any surface and is non-messy. It avoids useful things from getting trashed, and your dad will never use any other glue, once he uses Bondic!

20. BarxBuddy 


BarxBuddy is a very innovative device that helps in training the dog by use of high pitch frequencies. If your dad is planning to get himself a dog, then this device will be useful to train the dog, especially when it does something that is not good behavior. Also, BarxBuddy is non-violent and does not harm the dog. It only catches their attention, and makes them concentrate on the noise and their behavior can be corrected easily. Once the unwanted behavior is stopped, the device can be turned off. This is the best for your dad if he has a pet or intends to get one.

21.  Special For GrandFather: ClipperPro


If your dad is suffering from arthritis and gripping even the handle of a basic nail clipper is getting tough for him, get him the ClipperPro. It is made of surgical steel, has swivel blades, and also has an ergonomic handle. It is very easy to use and is perfect for your dad to avoid him from hurting himself and ending up with uneven nails. This is the perfect gift for senior citizens and parents who face such issues.

22. Keysmart 


Your dad must be having a lot of keys around and carrying them must be getting tough. Either he forgets an important key or misplaces one. KeySmart is the perfect compact solution and will help him organize all his keys into just one device. Additionally he can also attach his car keys, and other accessories like a bottle opener, a small flashlight and a USB to make it a multifunctional tool. He will be overjoyed with this simple yet useful gift.

23. GuardCard


The GuardCard is very lightweight and thin and is the best device for your dad to keep his credit cards or debit cards safe from thieves. It resembles a credit card and has a very powerful carbon fiber strip which prevents the RFID scanning signals to about 13.56 MHz. It does not need any recharging or batteries. Irrespective of where the wallet is, no skim device can get through his credit/debit cards! It is the perfect gift for anyone especially our elders!

24. Oshenwatch


For all the tech-savvy and fitness lover dads, there is a new smartwatch that will help them achieve their fitness and health goals, in the comfort of their home! It is the Oshenwatch Gen 2! It has biometric sensors that measure the heart rate, blood oxygen, blood pressure, and quality of sleep automatically. The device has been designed to track the progress by way of apps that have been designed to count steps, calculate the calories burned, and record distances. Notifications pertaining to phone calls or text messages can be received without the need to check your phone. It makes use of advanced Bluetooth 4.0 which enables syncing it with Android or iOS devices wirelessly. This is the perfect gift for your fitness lover dad!

25. QuietBuds


Noise is everywhere nowadays. Cafes, restaurants, sporting events, on the road, even in your own home! It’s so bad in some places that people can’t even get a good night’s sleep!

Thankfully, help has arrived! QuietBuds are the revolutionary new noise cancelling ear buds that will completely block out those annoying sounds that can overwhelm your senses!

  • QuietBuds SHUT OUT the distracting noise of trains, planes, and automobiles.
  • QuietBuds prevent HEARING DAMAGE at loud concerts and sporting events.
  • QuietBuds protect your hearing from dangerously LOUD noises.
  • QuietBuds let you get a GOOD NIGHT’S SLEEP, regardless of things like traffic, noisy neighbors, and barking dogs.

26. Gadgets Catches Respiratory Infections Early

Blaux home oximeter

COVID-19 is the respiratory disease that the novel coronavirus (SARS-CoV-2) causes. Early detection of respiratory illness will be key to limiting COVID-19 hospitalizations by getting diagnosed and treated properly and in time. Experts say widespread adoption of home oximeter use will save potentially millions of lives.

New advances in technology have allowed Blaux™️ to produce what we feel is one of the best home oximeters on the market.

27. Photostick Mobile – Instantly Download Your Photos From Your Phone

Photostick Mobile

If your favorite photos and videos aren’t saved somewhere besides on your smartphone, you’re asking for trouble.

1 in 3 smartphone users will lose ALL of their photos and videos from water damage alone! Wedding photos, family vacations, anniversary pictures, grandkids, kids…you get the picture….


Of course, no one wants to spend hours moving and organizing years-worth of photos onto a storage device. And a professional digital photo organizer can cost you some serious $$$!

Meet ThePhotoStick Mobile – quite possibly the simplest, least-expensive digital organizer ever. Click here to read more..

28. Renuback


For all the years spent working hard, your dad deserves to get the best! The wrong posture can affect the body and lead to back pain or even more harmful injuries. Before it gets too late, gift him RenuBack which is a device that has been designed to improve the posture and also correct it. The device offers the back the much-needed support and can resolve issues before they get worse. 

29. Screen Klean


ScreenKlean is a carbon-based nanotech that is patented and the technology is also used by NASA to get rid of stubborn dirt without damaging or scratching the screen. This is the best device your dad can get to clean all his prized gadgets without leaving scratches or damaging them.


On Father’s day, it becomes really tough to select gifts for our dads. Gone are the days of gifting clothes like shirts, suits, ties, or gifting a grill or some basic gadgets. Technology has given us a lot of useful and helpful gadgets which can help our parents in many ways. Some of these products help them improve their health, some keep them safe from thieves and miscreants and some just make their lives more joyful and lively. I hope the list of latest products and gadgets makes it much easier for you to select the best gift for your dad this Father’s Day.