Beyoncé Appreciate the Efforts of Protesters of #BlackLivesMatter

Beyoncé Appreciate the Efforts of Protesters of #BlackLivesMatter

This year so much is going around pandemic and brutality towards black people by police but in all this Beyoncé says that everyone is doing great. Beyoncé, the singer told students in her YouTube class of 2020 that she thanked everyone for getting together and telling the world the lives of black matters. Have a look at her speech-

She said that a lot of killings such as Breonna Taylor, Ahmaud Arbery, George Floyd, and many others had broken every one. This all happenings had left us to find answers for it. When we collect our hearts together in a positive direction then there is a change. The real change could happen with the new generation of students from high school as well as graduates.

Along with the Racism and Pandemic also talked about Sexism

Along with Racism and Pandemic, Beyoncé warns students of the sexism in the industry. Still, the entertainment industry is based-on sex which is being dominated by the male. Being a woman, she had not seen that females are given an opportunity for what they want to do as she has not been given. She needs to get into it and work hard for it, to take her place. Then she can ask others to come along with her.

Beyoncé said that be the voice for voiceless and continue doing that. If there is an acceptable mistake but all of us are having a responsibility to change. So, whatever is seen in like 10 to 20 years is one that is being done by you. She requested everyone to make improvements in all areas of your life.