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Beyonce Demanded Justice For Breonna Taylor Black Medical Worker Killed by Policemen

George Floyd’s death protest has not even ended yet and the police department of the United States does not care about it at all. Recently, On March 13th, a 26-year-old African American medical worker, Breonna Taylor was shot at least eight times by three policemen. And now famous singer Beyoncé wrote an open letter to Kentucky Attorney General to deeply look into the matter and provide justice to the falsely accused.

Firing at Breonna Taylor was a Self Defence by Police Officials

According to the sources, the three policemen said that they had some evidence regarding the drug supply. Two people were involved in this crime. And they had evidence that one of them took the package from Taylor’s apartment. So, they issued a no-knock warrant, which was signed by a judge, and entered her apartment. (According to the no-knock warrant, policemen can enter in the suspect’s house without answering to them and not even revealing their true identity).

Image Credits- BBC.Com

After that they said, someone fired at them, and then for self-defense, they fired back. In that firing, innocent Breonna Taylor was killed. Several shots were fired at her.

Family of Breonna is Seeking Justice but Charges against Policemen

Her family members are seeking justice from the police. But the three police officers have not even charged with anything. And now Beyoncé wants the Attorney General to investigate transparently into the matter and let everyone know what really happened there.

According to the resources, a statement was released by Kentucky Attorney General’s office, in which they said, regarding an ongoing investigation, they will not comment on anything, as of now. After the incident, Louisville banned the use of no-knock warrants, by releasing Breonna’s Law. I hope we will hear about the investigation soon. Stay tuned for the next update

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