Beyonce, Lady Gaga, and More Stars who won the Super Bowl with their halftime show look

super bowl

The athletes might have owned the field, but it is the superstars who win over the hearts with their style moments, during the Super Bowl halftime shows. Even though the Super Bowl 2021 is just a few days away, let’s take a small walk down the memory lane about the stylish moments that happened during the halftime show performances of the Super Bowl.

The fashion looks were worthy of their trophy. Below is a list of a few of such stars who dazzled the halftime show performances with their daring and dashing designs.

Shania Twain, There is only one word for her: wowzers. The legend brought glitz and glamour to the 2003 game with her holographic black leather jacket, and jewel-encrusted bustier, and equally shining diamond accessories.

  • Diana Ross

This icon was the epitome of glamour at the 1996 Super Bowl and people went just endlessly in life with her look. She wore a dramatic metallic gold jacket and a majestic purple jumpsuit.

  • Janet Jackson

The Super Bowl will stand apart from history! There was a wardrobe malfunction, besides the fiery outfit. From latex leather material to a gladiator-like design, the pop icon was there to show off.

  • Beyonce

The singer made the Super Bowl field her runway when she wore an eye-catching black leather military jacket and a gold chain harness at the 2016 show.

  • Gloria Estefan & Stevie Wonder

She wore a little black dress but a striking fringe corset dress in the 1999 Super Bowl. She had performed with singer Stevie Wonder, who also lit up the stage with his singing and outfit.

  • Wynonna Judd and Naomi Judd

The dynamic duo oozed glamour at the 1994 event with their elegant and effortless designs.

  • Usher

He was a vision in a white in the 2011 Super Bowl Halftime show, Texas.

  • Lady Gaga

The lady called for a round of applause when she dazzled with her shimmery bodysuit and matching boots which also featured an explosion of rhinestones. Now, this is what is called a lewk.

  • No doubt and Sting

Gwen Stefani served bawdy and face in the 2003 Super Bowl with her lace-up booties and glimmering silver-studded bustier and flashy monogrammed belt.

  • Katy Perry

She brought bold and bright fashion to Super Bowl in 2015 with her rainbow color bustier and skirt.

  • Britney Spears and Aerosmith

There is no better iconic duo than them. The princess of Pop just got into the football spirit with her funny and flirty uniform-inspired pants and tees. Aerosmith’s Steve Tyler also joined her with his festive ensemble.

  • Beyonce

The lady proved that she slew the Super Bowl in 2013 with her daring leather bodysuit.

  • Diana Ross

She did not just perform well she also gave her fans an outfit change with her vibrant purple and orange dree in the 1996 Super Bowl.

  • Madonna and Ceelo Green

The Pop Queen went for a goth-glam look in the 2012 Super Bowl. She rocked a black sequin coat dress and gold-encrusted punk gloves. Ceelo also shined equally with his blinged-out ensemble.

  • Shakira and Jennifer Lopez

The Latina legends duo owned the stage and dazzled in their glittering ensembles at the 2020 game.